AI-Enhanced DEXA Body Scans in Columbus, Georgia — DexaFit Columbus (2024)


AI-Enhanced DEXA Body Scans in Columbus, Georgia — DexaFit Columbus (1)

With advanced AI technology, DexaFit's DEXA scan delivers exceptional precision, providing deep insights into your body composition health. From body fat and muscle mass to visceral fat and skeletal health, our scan offers comprehensive data to elevate your fitness journey.

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Discover the intricacies of your body with DexaFit

AI-Enhanced DEXA Body Scans in Columbus, Georgia — DexaFit Columbus (2)

AI-Enhanced DEXA Body Scans in Columbus, Georgia — DexaFit Columbus (3)

Recognized as the gold standard in body composition analysis, our state-of-the-art DEXA scans offer comprehensive insights into your overall health.

Uncover Visceral (Hidden) Fat: Identify concealed fat deposits that impact organ health and increase disease risks.

Monitor Muscle Health (ALMI): Track strength improvements, optimize lean mass, and assess vulnerability to sarcopenia.

Comprehensive Regional Analysis: Receive detailed breakdowns of fat, lean mass, and bone mass distribution.

Bone Density Assessment: Gain crucial insights into skeletal strength to prevent long-term injuries.

Longevity Insights: Identify disease risks and estimate your biological age for proactive health management.

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The DexaFit difference

Without DexaFit, you're left with mere approximations and figures. With us, your wellness journey is illuminated. Our advanced AI technology enhances your DEXA scan beyond raw data, crafting an engaging, personalized narrative. Every scan evolves into a detailed roadmap for improved well-being.

AI-Enhanced DEXA Body Scans in Columbus, Georgia — DexaFit Columbus (5)

Without DexaFit

Static, boring, and confusing paper reports from everyone else leaves you confused and underwhelmed.

AI-Enhanced DEXA Body Scans in Columbus, Georgia — DexaFit Columbus (6)

With DexaFit ai

Vibrant, interactive, digital insights go beyond body composition to reveal critical insights into your longevity, disease risks, and more.

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3 easy steps to get DexaFit

Step 1: Effortless 7-minute scan

Relax on an open-air table while the DEXA scan meticulously captures every detail of your body composition.

Step 2: Get instant results

No delays, no downtime – just insights and our expertise at your fingertips, ready to explore and leverage.

Step 3: Expert guidance

Gain clarity, not just data. Our thorough review of your results ensures you are empowered to act on your new insights.

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AI-Enhanced DEXA Body Scans in Columbus, Georgia — DexaFit Columbus (7)

I think everybody should have a DEXA scan… You have to know your bone mineral density... you have to know how much visceral fat you have... And you have to know how much muscle mass you have.

— Dr. Peter Attia,
author of Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity


  • Think of your DexaFit scan as the DEXA scan reimagined. It's like comparing a smart, AI-powered phone to a classic flip phone.

    Our AI-enhanced DEXA technology not only measures standard metrics like body fat, lean mass, and bone density; it goes beyond the basics to discover key indicators like your biological age and potential risks for major health concerns, including heart disease and diabetes. This isn't just a scan—it's the key to mastering your body composition with precision.

  • Dive into a comprehensive analysis of your body with our DexaFit scan. Beyond measuring fat and muscle, it offers a detailed view of your musculoskeletal health, including bone density and muscle mass. You'll uncover insights into visceral fat levels and receive an evaluation of potential disease risks, such as heart disease and diabetes.

    Your DexaFit scan also provides a comparative analysis against peer averages, setting personalized targets for optimal health. Plus, visualize your results with a color-coded heat map of your body, making it easier to understand and track your progress. This isn't just a scan; it's a roadmap to your healthiest self.

  • On the day of your DexaFit scan, here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure everything goes smoothly:

    Pre-Scan Preparations: Limit physical activity (no exercise, please!) and stay hydrated. Fast for at least two hours prior to your scan.

    Dress Appropriately: Wear workout clothes without metal. Small buttons or zippers are fine. Don’t forget your socks!

    Metal and Jewelry: You’ll be asked to empty your pockets and remove metal items like watches, belts, glasses, and jewelry.

    During the Scan: Relax on an open-air DEXA scan table. The process is quick and uses minimal radiation, equivalent to about four bananas worth of exposure, or a few hours of natural background radiation.

    Contrast Agents: Avoid gastrointestinal contrast, barium, or other contrast mediums, and radionuclides within 48 hours of your appointment.

    The DexaFit scan is a straightforward, non-invasive procedure designed for your comfort and convenience, providing valuable insights into your body composition.

  • Regular DexaFit scans are crucial for actively monitoring your health progress. For most users, a scan every 3-6 months hits the sweet spot for tracking changes and measuring effectiveness. Pprolonged periods without feedback might lead to following a less effective health strategy.

  • The DexaFit Body Scan leverages the precision of DEXA technology, long regarded as the gold standard in body composition analysis, and enhances it with AI for unparalleled accuracy and insights:

    Trusted Foundation in DEXA: Recognized for its precision in research and medical fields, DEXA technology forms the core of DexaFit scans. This proven method is renowned for its accuracy in measuring body composition.

    AI-Enhanced Analysis: DexaFit takes DEXA's reliability further with AI integration, offering not just detailed measurements but also personalized insights and health recommendations based on your unique data.

    Comprehensive Three-Compartment Model: Unlike two-compartment methods such as Hydrostatic Weighing or Bod Pod, DexaFit scans measure lean mass, fat mass, and bone mass, providing a more thorough analysis of body composition.

    Precision in Fat and Lean Mass Distribution: While other methods like BIA claim regional analysis, DexaFit provides a more precise and accurate distribution assessment, crucial for targeted health strategies.

    Beyond Conventional Limitations: Common methods like BIA, found in home scales and handheld devices, are often influenced by variables like hydration, leading to inaccuracies. Hydrostatic Weighing and Bod Pod are constrained by environmental factors and assumptions, affecting their precision.

    Direct Measurement Advantage: DexaFit's DEXA-based scans directly measure body composition, eliminating the assumptions and potential errors inherent in calculated methods. This direct approach significantly enhances accuracy and consistency.

    Wider Health Insights: DexaFit scans go beyond basic body composition to offer insights into health risks such as osteoporosis and sarcopenia, providing a more complete view of your overall health.

    In summary, DexaFit Body Scans, built upon the trusted and accurate DEXA technology and augmented with AI, offer a level of precision, detail, and comprehensive analysis unmatched by other body composition methods.

  • The DexaFit scan is a versatile tool designed for a wide spectrum of individuals seeking detailed insights into their body composition and health. Its diverse use cases make it an essential tool for many:

    Weight Loss Enthusiasts: For those on a weight loss journey, DexaFit provides precise data on fat distribution and body composition changes, enabling tailored strategies for effective weight loss.

    Fitness Aficionados and Athletes: Whether you're a gym-goer looking to track muscle gains or an elite athlete seeking peak performance, DexaFit offers the detailed analysis needed to fine-tune your training and nutrition.

    Elite Sports: Used extensively by professional sports teams to not only enhance athlete performance but also for rehabilitation and injury prevention. Regular DexaFit scans help in fine-tuning training programs and maintaining optimal physical condition.

    Health-Conscious Individuals: For anyone invested in preventative health, DexaFit scans can reveal potential risks like visceral fat accumulation, aiding in the prevention of diseases like diabetes and heart conditions.

    Anti-Aging and Longevity Seekers: Crucial for those focused on aging well. DexaFit scans assess key factors like bone density, lean mass, and visceral fat. These metrics are correlated with aging, and our AI insights boil them down into a simple, comprehensive metric: your biological age and longevity score. This helps in tailoring strategies for longevity and a healthier, longer life.

    Endorsem*nts from Health Experts: Renowned figures like Dr. Peter Attia, author of the bestseller Outlive, endorse DEXA for its precision and comprehensive analysis. Similarly, influencers like Tim Ferriss recognize its value in personal health optimization.

    Personal Health Tracking: Beyond athletes and fitness enthusiasts, DexaFit is for anyone interested in personal health metrics. It's a tool for those who believe in the power of data to inform lifestyle choices and health decisions.

    In essence, the DexaFit scan is for anyone who values detailed, accurate health and fitness data. Whether you're starting a health journey, an athlete aiming for peak performance, or simply focused on aging well, DexaFit provides the insights necessary to guide your path.

  • Insurance coverage for DEXA scans can vary depending on the purpose and your personal medical situation. Here are some key points to consider:

    Bone Density Scans: If your scan is ordered by your physcian and used specifically for bone density assessment, it may be covered by insurance, especially if you meet certain age and medical criteria.

    Body Composition Scans: Currently, body composition scans are generally not covered by standard health insurance and are considered cash pay. However, many users have successfully received reimbursem*nt from their insurance carriers after submitting their DexaFit results.

    Potential Insurance Benefits: Some users have even reported obtaining reduced life insurance premiums by sharing their positive DexaFit results, showcasing improved health and lower risk factors.

    HSA/FSA Eligibility: While we continue to work towards broader insurance coverage, DexaFit scans are eligible for payment through Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), making them more accessible.

    It's always a good idea to check with your insurance provider to understand your specific coverage options and any potential benefits of submitting your DexaFit results.

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AI-Enhanced DEXA Body Scans in Columbus, Georgia — DexaFit Columbus (2024)


How much does a DexaFit scan cost? ›

So, let's get down to it! DEXA scans are a pretty popular way to measure your body composition, and they can give you some great insights into your body fat percentage and bone density. The cost of a DEXA scan can vary depending on where you are, but on average, you're looking at around $150 to $300.

Is DexaFit worth it? ›

A DEXA scan can be a valuable tool when trying to get leaner—and can also be a useful assessment of overall health—but should be considered extra credit rather than a regular part of your programming. Studies show that any consistent tracking at all can help lead to improved weight loss.

Does DexaFit take insurance? ›

We operate entirely outside of the insurance system and don't bill the monthly membership fees to your insurance. Some of our members do not have health insurance, as it's not a prerequisite for joining, and some members use their HSA or FSA to pay for membership if that's a possibility for you.

What is a DexaFit body scan? ›

DexaFit Body Scanning

DEXA scan body fat composition analysis provides you with immediate, individual insights about your body – your fitness health, where your fat deposits lie and how much fat you carry with you, even your metabolism – using gold-standard, medical-grade technology.

How to get DEXA scan covered by insurance? ›

Most health insurers will pay for the test if you have one or more things that raise the chances you have osteoporosis, such as:
  1. A fracture.
  2. You've been through menopause.
  3. You're not taking estrogen at menopause.
  4. You take medications that cause bone thinning.
Jul 30, 2021

How accurate is Dexafit? ›

Dual-energy absorptiometry (DEXA) is the most accurate method for body composition analysis trusted by research and elite sports labs across the world. It's simple to do and significantly more precise than other methods (including BMI, InBody, BodPod, and hydrostatic weighing).

What are the pitfalls in a DEXA scan? ›

Pitfalls in DXA are common, and errors can be categorized as patient positioning, data analysis, artifacts, and/or demographics.

What is the difference between a DEXA scan and a body scan? ›

DEXA scans are able to provide precise measurements of fat, muscle, and bone, whereas InBody scans can be affected by various factors that can impact the accuracy of the results. However, InBody scans are still a useful tool for measuring body composition and can provide general information about your body.

Should I get a DEXA scan for body fat? ›

Athletes can get this scan done if they are curious to track their muscle mass as well as overall fat percentage. Due to its broad uses, the average person who is simply curious about their health could get this scan in order to gain insight regarding their body composition.

Are DexaFit scans safe? ›

This procedure is important for diagnosing (seeing if someone has) osteoporosis or bone thinning and may be repeated over time to track changes in bone density. The amount of radiation used in DEXA scans is very low and similar to the amount of radiation used in common x-rays.

What do you wear to a DexaFit scan? ›

On the day of your exam you can eat and drink normally. You can wear regular, loose and comfortable clothing to you exam, but please be advised: Do not wear clothing with metal zippers, belts or buttons.

How do I prepare for DexaFit? ›

  1. Limit activity before your scan (no exercise please!)
  2. Do NOT come in dehydrated.
  3. Please try to fast for 2 hours prior to your scan.
  4. Please wear workout clothes without any metal.
  5. You will be asked to empty your pockets and remove any significant amounts of metal (watch, belt, glasses, jewelry, etc.)

What is the best scan for body fat? ›

Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA/DXA) scan

Not only does a DEXA scan provide fast results, but it is also widely accepted as the gold standard for obtaining a comprehensive analysis of body composition.

Why are DEXA scans so expensive? ›

In a hospital setting, the cost of a DEXA scan may be higher due to overhead costs, such as staffing and facility expenses. In contrast, specialized facilities like BodySpec often offer more competitive pricing, as they focus solely on DEXA scans and related services.

Does a DEXA scan cover the whole body? ›

Multiple sites can be used to measure BMD by DXA. The sites most frequently used are the hip, the lumbar spine, forearm and/or whole-body.

How much does Dexafit Boston cost? ›

Book Online | Dexafit Boston | Cambridge, Massachusetts | $79 DEXA scans.

Can you get a private DEXA scan? ›

Your doctor or other health professional will refer you for a DEXA scan on the NHS. You may be able to get a DEXA scan at a private hospital or clinic without a referral. But a qualified health professional will need to authorise it.

What is a cheaper alternative to a DEXA scan? ›

Cost Effective Alternative to DEXA Scans

By opting for our bioelectrical impedance device, you can enjoy a near exact level of precision as a DEXA scan at a fraction of the cost.

Do I really need a DEXA scan? ›

What You Should Know. Your healthcare provider may recommend a DEXA scan to test for osteoporosis or thinning of your bones. Screening for osteoporosis is recommended for women who are 65 years old or older and for women who are 50 to 64 and have certain risk factors, such as having a parent who has broken a hip.

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