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Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 43 – Kyson POV

The guilt I felt for snapping at her was horrendous. I hated myself for it; the way she shrank back made it all the more worse. I couldn’t erase the fear on her face at my outburst from my mind. My instincts were all over the place, the anniversary of my sister’s d***h. Then Ivy’s birthday was obviously looming, and her attitude. As well as fighting my own instincts was becoming too much. Although I knew it wasn’t her fault, she was temperamental; I was at the best of times. She doesn’t understand what is happening, whereas I do, since I have shifted and seen many werewolves shift over the decades.

The closer she gets, the more animalistic she will become before finally shifting. With me being so close, it only enhances those instincts and makes her urges so much more intense, as her body and brain try to process that I am her mate.

Running my hand down her spine, she shivered where she slept on my chest. Ivy whined and growled earlier, complaining that I kept putting her to sleep, but the more she slept, the better her transition when she shifts. Our bond was strong, and I could tell it was almost fully forged. I had no doubt when she shifted that she would recognize me as her mate instantly.

It was the knock at my door that pulled me from my thoughts. I enjoyed the quiet, and reveled in the feel of her body pressed against mine, so the knock annoyed me. The door cracks open, and Damian walks in before sitting down in the armchair.

“Turn away for a second,” I tell him, and he turns his gaze to my bookshelf. I rolled Ivy onto her back before covering her naked body with the blanket, tucking it under her chin. She whimpered, and l jammed my pillow next to her face. And watched as she buried her nose in it while Damian chuckled.

“I see the bond has formed,”

“Yes,” I tell him, walking over to him. Damian looked at my arms and chest that are covered in her bite marks. She even bit me three times while she was asleep.

“Definitely almost forged,” he laughed, as I sat down across from him.

“Why the drop-in? It’s nearly 1 am,”” I tell him.

you slept?” He asked,

think?” He shook his

you have

have tried,” I said, scrubbing a

can wait until you do,” he

at Ivy on the bed before clearing his throat awkwardly. My brows furrowed, and he nodded toward her, keeping his gaze on me. I looked over to find she

her before returning, only for her to kick

ruffle of blankets as she overheated. “You have a

like the feel of her skin.

“So you haven’t shifted,”

thought she went into,” I stopped. I couldn’t even bring myself to

told me,” Damian said, and I nodded

I will tell you,” he

information from the night Ivy and Abbie were brought in. And you were right about her being ready for her shift. Her birthday is in

why is that an issue? If anything, that is good news,

to be sure and has asked for some files to be sent over. He

“What for?”

“He wouldn’t say, just said it was important, and it is to do with Ivy.” I glanced over at her, and she was sleeping peacefully.

“When are we leaving?”

“At noon, the men need sleep before we move out,” I nodded and rubbed my chin, wondering what Alpha Dean could have to say that he wouldn’t say it over the phone.

“I am not sure Ivy will want to go back there just yet,” I glanced at her. “I don’t want her to fall back into old habits,” I told my Beta and he nodded.

“Gannon can stay, or I will. I will assign extra guards to her,”

“I would rather you remain with her,”

“Very well, I will. Try to get some sleep, Kyson” Damian said before getting up and leaving the room.

Worry ate at me as I got to my feet and walked over to my bar. Grabbing the bottle of whiskey off the shelf, I went to pour a glass before deciding to drink straight from the bottle when I saw only a quarter of the bottle was left.

Ivy moved on the bed, tossing the blanket off and bunching it between her legs. How I couldn’t wait until she started nesting and destroying the sheets. Nesting she-wolves became territorial, and I am not even sure she will allow Damian and Gannon in here when that time comes. Which by the look of her now as she bunched the sheets wouldn’t be too far off. She would make this her haven, and once l made her a Lycan, she would k**l anyone who entered her den.

My sister accidentally k****d her handmaiden when she started nesting. She felt terrible, but I would ensure that didn’t happen with lvy. I brought the bottle to my lips and swigged from it. Enjoying the smooth, sweet taste while my eyes trailed over her. Her pink p***y was b**e for my eyes to devour as she laid on her stomach with her leg bent. My c**k twitched, and I couldn’t wait to bury it in her, but I would wait and let her decide, so until she asked, I would endure it.

Walking over to the bed, I placed my whiskey bottle on the bedside table. My hand skimmed up the inside of her leg from her ankle, brushing between the apex of her legs. A smile split onto my face as she moaned softly, pushing back against my hand. Leaning over the bed, I kissed her naked shoulder, but before nipping at her jaw, she groaned.

Chapter 43 - His Lost Lycan Luna | Novel Square (2024)
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