Inside Hallmark Star Cindy Busby's Relationship With Her Husband Chris - The List (2024)

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Cindy Busby has numerous Hallmark credits, including "Marry Me in Yosemite" and "Royal Hearts." In addition, she's appeared in multiple Hallmark holiday movieslike "Everything Christmas" and "A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love," and starred in the network's TV series, "Cedar Cove." Busby's husband, Christopher Boyd, is also in the entertainment industry. After a brief stint as an actor, Boyd segued into a career producing projects like "Relationship Status" and "Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers."


Busby and Boyd met by happenstance. Boyd initiated the romance by asking Busby out when they were both at a dance club. After getting her number, they went their separate ways. However, when Boyd tried to text the actor and it didn't work, he hurriedly tried to find her again. This rom-com-worthy endeavor left a lasting impression on Busby. "Just before we took off he kind of knocked on the window," she later recalled on the "Rave It Up" podcast. Busby was surprised by his interest, and they started dating soon after.

The couple first posted about their relationship on Instagram in February 2017. "Long time coming," Busbycaptioneda photo of her and Boyd together. "This is the person who makes me the happiest in the whole universe!" More photos followed soon after, with Busby commemorating Boyd's birthday a month later. That summer, they visited Paris and took a selfie with their arms around each other with the Eiffel Tower in the background.


Busby and Boyd had an intimate wedding

According to her social media posts, it appears that sizzling Hallmark star Cindy Busby and Christopher Boyd started dating April 28, 2016. While she didn't commemorate it at the time, two years later, Busby posted another Eiffel Tower shot of her and Boyd with "2" enclosed by heart emojis. On the same date in 2019 and 2020, the actor posted photos of her and Boyd, keeping the heart emojis and updating the number by one each year.


By the end of 2020, Busby and her romantic partner had an additional anniversary to start celebrating. She and Boyd got married in December that year. Instagram photos showed the happy couple strolling hand in hand outdoors. Busby wore a sleek white backless dress and carried a bouquet of white flowers.

Surprisingly, even though Busby has a lot wedding movies on her actingresume, for a long time, she wasn't focused on real-life romance. "I never visualized the dress and the ring. [...] I didn't even see it for myself," she confided to "Rave It Up" podcast. "When I got engaged, I was so in shock about it." When it came time for her wedding day, the actor didn't want a lavish, cinematic event. Instead, Busby opted for a small, intimate affair, and her choices perfectly aligned with what she wanted for her marriage celebration.


They make time with each other a priority

Since their careers sometimes require travel and spending time apart, Cindy Busby and Christopher Boyd make an effort to stay connected. Speaking to "Hearts of Stars,"Busby said, "[Talking] to my husband, whether we are together or not" is a daily requirement. In addition, when they were separated by work commitments at the beginning of their relationship, Busby and Boyd decided to prioritize each other with an in-person visit at three-week intervals.


With projects like "Love in Zion National" and "Chasing Waterfalls," Busby is Hallmark's biggest outdoors star. During her downtime, she' enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for the outdoors with Boyd, and they've visited locations around the world together. In honor of their fifth dating anniversary, Busby posted an Instagram picture of herself and Boyd peeking up from the water while in a stunningcave. In 2020, Boyd posted a pic of his own where he and Busby posed in front of breathtaking aqua water with majestic mountains behind them. The couple also took a romantic trip to Greece, visiting islands like Milos and Santorini. Busby was particularly captivated by Milos, and she and Boyd had fun exploring the tiny island via four-wheelers.


Just like his wife, Boyd's also taken to Instagram and posted sweet messages about their romance. "You are amazing, beautiful and truly one of a kind," he wrote in 2021, in honor of Busby's birthday. "I couldn't love you more if I tried!"


Inside Hallmark Star Cindy Busby's Relationship With Her Husband Chris - The List (2024)
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