Our 13 Favorite Hallmark Movies Starring Cindy Busby, Ranked! (2024)

Cindy Busby had dreams of becoming an actress from the time she was a young girl, performing in theatre productions throughout her youth before being accepted into the Professional Theater Program atDawson Collegein Montreal.

Early in her television career, she could be seen in series like Bethune, Durham County and more, her most significant role during this time being in Heartland. During this period, she also made appearances on popular series like Psych and Supernatural.

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Our 13 Favorite Hallmark Movies Starring Cindy Busby, Ranked! (1)

Some of her earlier work on the Hallmark Channel was in the hit series Cedar Cover alongside Andie MacDowell before taking on leading lady roles in movies like Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016), Marrying Mr. Darcy (2018) and Royal Hearts (2018).

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Today, she’s one of our favorite faces to see on the channel. Here, take a look at some of our favorite Cindy Busby Hallmark movies, ranked.

Cindy Busby Hallmark movies, ranked

13. Follow Me to Daisy Hills (2020)

Jo (Cindy Busby) comes to learn that her family’s general store is losing money, forcing them to call in backup in the form of her ex-boyfriend Blake (Marshall Williams), who happens to now be a big city business consultant.

While Jo believes more in the sentimentality of the business, Blake is focused more on making a profit. However, as the two learn to compromise, they find old feelings rising to the surface once again.

12. Hearts Down Under (2021)

Caroline is a successful restauranteur who finds herself in a unique situation when she learns that her aunt has left her a cafe in a small town in Australia. Busy and consumed with her own restaurant, she makes her way down under and once she gets there, has the intention of turning the cafe around and selling it.

However, upon her arrival, she makes a less than stellar first impression with the chef (Tim Ross) — who also happens to be the only contractor for miles who can help her turn the cafe around. As time goes on, Caroline just might come to love this little town down under — and a certain someone as well.

11. Marry Me in Yosemite (2022)

Zoe (Busby) is a photojournalist famous for her coffee table books documenting places like Chicago and the midwest. When her publisher sends her on the adventure of a lifetime to photograph Yosemite, she meets Jack (Tyler Harlow), a guide who shows her a new way of looking through the lens.

10. Warming Up to You (2022)

When Kate (Busby) takes a job as a fitness instructor at her friend’s wellness retreat, what she doesn’t expect is for a renowned movie star (Christopher Russell) to come train for his next film.

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9. Romance in the Air (2020)

When Eden learns that her job is on the line, she makes her way back to Lake Tahoe, the place where she’d spend her summers when she was young. When she’s reunited with Riley, her childhood friend (Torrance Coombs), he just might lead her toward the fulfillment she’s been missing in her life.

8. My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5 (2019)

Annalise (Busby) is a busy wedding planner who finds herself face to face with her ex, Brad (Tyler Hynes), who is the best man at the wedding she’s putting together. Combine wedding planning stress with ex-stress, and then add in a surprise potential investor into the mix, Annalise is feeling the pressure. Will the duo make their way to each other as Brad helps her on this journey?

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7. A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love (2019)

Cindy Busby stars as Alice in this story about a Christmastime romance, facilitated by a series of coincidences that bring Alice and Jack (Benjamin Hollingsworth) together during the holiday season. These two people from different family backgrounds unite for a celebration that leads them to unexpected places.

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6. Chasing Waterfalls (2021) Cindy Busby

Busby once again plays the part of a photographer in Chasing Waterfalls, where she gets the opportunity to photograph a famed yet fabled waterfall. As she embarks on this journey, she finds herself falling for her tour guide, played by Christopher Russell.

5. Everything Christmas (2023) Cindy Busby

LJ (Busby) and Tory (Katherine Barrell) embark on a road trip to a town where Christmas is celebrated year-round. While on their adventure, they meet a man who just might be the real Santa, while also finding some unexpected romance.

4. Love in the Forecast (2020) Cindy Busby

Leah (Busby) is a meteorologist who wants to be taken seriously in her career. In terms of her personal life, romance is not something she’s had success with. When she makes a vow to focus solely on her career for a year, the prospects start coming at her left and right.

Meanwhile, Leah gets to know dairy farmer Mark (Christopher Russell), who teaches her about predicting weather based on nature’s signs.

3. Royal Hearts (2018) Cindy Busby

Hank (James Brolin) has inherited the throne to Merania — something the simple rancher has no interest in. Although uninterested in such an endeavor, he realizes that the country’s at stake thanks to the greedy King Nikolas of a neighboring country.

Kelly (Busby) is Hank’s daughter who encourages him to consider this opportunity. When King Nikolas attempts to woo her, she learns he has ulterior motives. Meanwhile, Hank comes up with a plan that could save the country.

2. Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016) Cindy Busby

When Elizabeth (Busby) gets the opportunity to show her pup in a prestigious dog show, what she doesn’t expect is to have to deal with Donovan Darcy, a rude judge apart of the competition. However, as miscommunications become clear, Elizabeth sees that perhaps Mr. Darcy isn’t who she thought.

This spin on Pride & Prejudice stars Busby alongside Ryan Paevey. In the film’s follow-up, Marrying Mr. Darcy, we see Elizabeth dealing with the ups and downs of planning a wedding with the added pressure and opinions of Mr. Darcy’s Aunt Violet and his absence.

1. Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance (2023)

Lauren (Busby) is an assistant curator who is on a mission to find the final Anasazi vase in a set of four to prove that they belong to the Pueblo nation and not the grandnephew of the woman who donated them who is seeking them back.

On her journey, she meets local ranger Adam (David Gridley), who is also a native Puebloan, who helps her on her mission.

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Our 13 Favorite Hallmark Movies Starring Cindy Busby, Ranked! (2024)
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