‘The most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn’ Fashion pros reveal their go-to looks for surviving bank holiday weather (2024)

OUR pleas have been heard and finally the sun has got his hat on (well, between the rain clouds!).

But with warmer weather comes the age-old conundrum – what am I going to wear?

Bank Holiday dressing

This bank holiday weekend, whether you’re being green-fingered in the garden, meeting up with mates or are entertaining the family, we’ve got you covered.

The Fabulous Fashion team have got jam-packed schedules, but won’t let their style standards slip.

Here, they reveal what they’ll be wearing to look and feel cool this weekend.

Abby McHale, 29, Deputy Fashion Editor

AMBERCROMBIE.COM; ZARA.COM; DUNE.COM; OLIVERBONAS.COM; MESSYWEEKEND.CO.UKAbby is opting for a flowy mini-dress[/caption]

Dress, £58, Abercrombie & Fitch – BUY NOW

Bag, £25.99, Zara – BUY NOW

Sandals, £95, Dune London – BUY NOW

Sunglasses, £85, Messy Weekend – BUY NOW

Necklace, £24, Oliver Bonas – BUY NOW

This bank holiday, I’m heading out on a boat trip with some friends down the Thames , hoping to catch some rays and stop at a few pubs along the way.

I’ve opted for this mini-dress from Abercrombie & Fitch – the puff sleeves will mean I’m in no danger of burning my shoulders when the sun comes out, and the material is light and flowy, meaning I won’t get too hot.

And I need a bag big enough for suncream and a water bottle, so this one from Zara is perfect.

Sunglasses are always a must and I’m loving the brand Messy Weekend, as there are loads of great styles to choose from – these ones are called the ‘Anna’.

I need sensible footwear if I’m stepping into a boat and these sandals are just that: practical, stylish and, most importantly, probably the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn.

I’ve finished off my look with a little gold necklace for that extra bit of bling.

Emily, 24, Fashion Assistant

Emily looks to co-ords to make summer dressing a breeze

Shorts, £27.99, H&M – BUY NOW

Blouse, £27.99, H&M – BUY NOW

Bag, £49.99, Zara – BUY NOW

Sandals, £35.99, Mango – BUY NOW

Cuff bracelet, £27, & Other Stories – BUY NOW

Sunglasses, £55, LeSpecs at Selfridges – BUY NOW

I’m heading to a garden barbecue with friends this bank holiday weekend, so I want to wear something on-trend and put-together.

I have several white co-ord sets similar to this one from H&M and with the weather expected to warm up a little, the linen material will be light and breezy, perfect for staying cool.

During the summer, I love wearing white because it complements a tan beautifully.

The broderie anglaise detailing on this one makes it look much more expensive and really sets it apart from other co-ords on the high street.

I’ve paired these brown sandals from Mango with tortoiseshell sunglasses and a beautiful gold cuff to elevate my look.

And I couldn’t leave this beautiful sequin basket bag on the shelf when I saw it in Zara last week – it’ll hold all the essentials I need, and it doubles up as a fantastic beach bag when I eventually head on holiday later this year.

Tracey Lea Sayer, 52, Fashion Director

Arket.com, oysho.com, lespecs.com, hm.com, cos.com, massimodutti.comTracey is ready for some sunshine with her outfit![/caption]

Bag, £57, Arket – BUY NOW

Bikini top, £25.99, Oysho – BUY NOW

Bikini bottoms, £29.99, Oysho – BUY NOW

Sunglasses, £42.83, Le Specs – BUY NOW

Shirt, £27.99, H&M – BUY NOW

Shorts, £55, Cos – BUY NOW

Sandals, £99.95, Massimo Dutti – BUY NOW

I am so here for some sunshine!

This weekend, I’ve got all the family coming over and I’ll be busy in the garden getting it ready for entertaining.

So I need an outfit that is multifunctional and is going to work as hard as I will this weekend.

I love these drawstring Cos shorts that create a waist on my figure, and mean I can run around like a mad woman getting everything ready, knowing they’ll keep me cool and stylish.

If the sun rally starts shining, I’ll be taking full advantage of being outside and whip off my linen shirt and work on my builder’s tan in this gorgeous bikini from Oysho.

But I can also make a last-minute dash to the supermarket in the shirt, sandals from Massimo Dutti and fill this amazing Jacquemus-inspired bag from Arket full with goodies for a barbecue.

Clemmie Fieldsend, 33, Fashion Editor

NEXT.CO.UK; ZARA.COM; MANGO.COM; MASSIMODUTTI.COM; HM.COM; BETTYANDBIDDY.COM Try Clemmie’s summer version of jeans and a nice top[/caption]

Blouse, £38, Next – BUY NOW

Shorts, £25.99, Zara – BUY NOW

Bangle, £19, Betty & Biddy – BUY NOW

Shoes, £89.95, Massimo Dutti – BUY NOW

Sunglasses, £9.99, H&M – BUY NOW

Bag, £99.99, Mango – BUY NOW

This weekend, I’m heading to the countryside to bask in the sunshine (fingers crossed!).

Catching up with family and friends and hopefully lounging outside on the grass is my perfect way to spend a bank holiday.

I’m packing light and will be cramming everything into this large basket bag from Mango, which I’ve fallen in love with.

Simple and slogan-less with leather handles, it has a designer look that I just love.

I will have a series of denim shorts and nice top outfits on rotation (the summer version of jeans and a nice top, if you will), including this lightweight blouse from Next.

The applique flowers will make it look like I’ve made a bit of effort without trying too hard, and protect me from the sun if things heat up.

I’m calling it my ‘do everything blouse’, and I’ll pair it with these red-coloured mesh pumps from Massimo Dutti.

They lift plain outfits with their bright colour and are easy to kick off for a quick cooldown in a paddling pool.

Hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2024

Fabulous’ Fashion Editor, Clemmie Fieldsend has shared the biggest trends on the high street and runway this Spring/Summer.

I know, shorts for summer. Groundbreaking. But you’ll be seeing them everywhere this year, from micro hotpants to long, Bermuda styles in denim to tailoring and everything in between they’re a must have for every occasion.
White usually goes hand-in-hand with your summer holidays but whether you’re in the UK or abroad you’ll be seeing an abundance of head-to-toe white looks.
The high street is already a, erm, white wash with the trend that includes shoes and accessories.
Beit metallics or sequins, for 2024 sparkle isn’t just for Christmas.Expect to see shimmering looks at festivals, weddings or even a barbeque in your neighbours back garden teamed with block brights or simple whites.
Wide leg and loose jeans have gripped our wardrobes from autumn to winter, but as we move into warmer months expect baggy trousers.From crisp cotton to lightweight linen, fluid trews should have a firm place in your wardrobe.
Ballet pumps and Mary Jane’s have been clawing their way back into our good books for a while now, but for summer they’re looking less ballerina and more beach ready.
Woven styles and mesh textures are hot off the catwalk and onto the high street, think the 2024 jelly shoe.
All things romantic and girly are in for spring with sheer fabrics, pastel shades of blue, yellow and pink gripping the runway. Embellished with bows, lace or flowers, most looks should have an element of being hyper ‘girly’.

‘The most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn’ Fashion pros reveal their go-to looks for surviving bank holiday weather (2024)
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