Upmc Genetics (2024)

1. Center for Medical Genetics and Genomics - UPMC

  • Our diverse team of medical geneticists and genetic counselors helps families understand genetic disease, provides information about risk factors, and explains ...

  • Learn more about the Center for Medical Genetics and Genomics at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC.

Center for Medical Genetics and Genomics - UPMC

2. Genetic and Genomic Medicine | Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

  • Locations · Providers & Staff · Clinical Services · General Genetics Clinic

  • Genetic and Genomic Medicine at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is committed to the treatment and study of genetic disorders in children.

Genetic and Genomic Medicine | Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

3. Genetics Locations | UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Genetics Locations | UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

4. UPMC Genome Center Team

  • Here at the UPMC Genome Center, we've assembled a team of experts in clinical and experimental genomics research. Click on “Read more” beneath each team member ...

5. UPMC Precision Medicine Clinic

  • Our approach integrates traditional primary care/family medicine with a patient's individual characteristics, including genetics, physiology, environmental ...


6. Genetic and Genomic Medicine - Pitt Pediatrics - University of Pittsburgh

  • The division's physicians provide genetic services for the Hereditary Telangiectasia Center of Excellence at UPMC and are active in the newly constituted Center ...

  • The Division of Genetic and Genomic Medicine provides state-of-the-art medical genetics services, as well as generate new information and rapidly incorporate that information into care for children and adults impacted by genetic conditions. The Division consists of five tenure-track faculty members who play highly visible roles in national and international academic societies and government advisory panels. They lead disease-oriented research programs and participate in graduate-level education within the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Graduate School of Public Health.

7. What to expect when you see a genetic counselor

  • Curious about genetic counseling, and what genetic counselors do? Coach Mandy shares her experience at the UPMC Center for Medical Genetics.

What to expect when you see a genetic counselor

8. UPMC Genome Center Expert High Throughput Next Generation ...

  • We are a clinical grade, full-service, high-throughput genome center with sequencing options designed for both clinical and research needs. Our dual CAP ...

  • home…

UPMC Genome Center Expert High Throughput Next Generation ...

9. Dr. Gene & Elizabeth Triano Family Genetics Counseling Fund

  • The Dr. Gene and Elizabeth Triano Family Genetics Counseling Fund aims to assist with costs for genetic counseling, testing, education, & other preventative and ...

  • A nonprofit that coordinates charitable giving to support community and educational programs, and resources that improve access to care through UPMC Central Pa.

Dr. Gene & Elizabeth Triano Family Genetics Counseling Fund
Upmc Genetics (2024)


Is there a shortage of medical geneticists? ›

These trends resulted in significant challenges in patient access to genetic services in many areas of the United States. Since these reports were published more than 15 years ago, the workforce shortage has become more acute.

What is the difference between a geneticist and a genetic counselor? ›

While a genetic counselor or genetic nurse may help you with testing decisions and support issues, a medical geneticist will make the actual diagnosis of a disease or condition. Many genetic diseases are so rare that only a geneticist can provide the most complete and current information about your condition.

Why am I being referred to genetic counseling? ›

The reasons that a person might be referred to a genetic counselor, medical geneticist, or other genetics professional include: A personal or family history of a genetic condition, birth defect, chromosomal disorder, or hereditary cancer. Two or more pregnancy losses (miscarriages), a stillbirth, or a baby who died.

Who carries out genetic Counselling? ›

Genetic counselling means talking with a genetics specialist to help you understand a genetic condition that runs in your family. Your GP may refer you for genetic counselling if they think your family history shows you might have a higher risk of developing cancer.

What is the highest paid clinical geneticist? ›


Do geneticists make money? ›

How Much Do Geneticist Jobs Pay per Year? $69,000 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $98,500 is the 75th percentile.

How many years does it take to become a clinical geneticist? ›

Clinical geneticists usually earn an M.D. or D.O. degree, which requires getting admitted to medical school, then completing a three- to-five-year residency in a medical specialty, followed by an additional two to three years of specialized training in genetics.

Do you need a PHD to be a genetic counselor? ›

To become certified as a genetic counselor, you must complete an accredited master's program in genetic counseling. This program is typically two years in length and includes courses such as molecular genetics, counseling ethics, and research methods; as well as clinical training experience and a research project.

Is genetic counseling a stressful job? ›

Genetic counseling can be personally rewarding but also stressful. With the flexibility to work part time, it's not a stressful career for everyone, but it certainly can be.

What is Lynch syndrome? ›

Lynch syndrome is a condition that increases the risk of many kinds of cancer. This condition is passed from parents to children. Families that have Lynch syndrome have more instances of cancer than expected. This might include colon cancer, endometrial cancer and other types of cancer.

What can genetic counselors not do? ›

Genetic counselors do not: Require you to have genetic tests – Genetic counselors inform you about your options, answer questions and provide information and guidance about genetic testing you can consider. They do not force testing on you.

Why would someone go to a geneticist? ›

A geneticist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating families with different medical issues that can include single or multiple birth defects, sensory deficits (like hearing loss or blindness) learning disabilities and developmental delay, errors of metabolism, problems with growth (short or tall stature ...

What are the 10 common genetic disorders? ›

What are common genetic disorders?
  • Down syndrome (Trisomy 21).
  • FragileX syndrome.
  • Klinefelter syndrome.
  • Triple-X syndrome.
  • Turner syndrome.
  • Trisomy 18.
  • Trisomy 13.

What conditions can genetic testing show? ›

What Can Genetic Testing Find?
  • cystic fibrosis.
  • Tay-Sachs disease.
  • sickle cell disease.
  • Down syndrome.
  • spina bifida.
  • Turner syndrome.
  • von Willebrand Disease.
  • albinism.

How much is a genetic test? ›

They typically range from $100 to $2,000. These tests are typically used when a person has a family history of a certain genetic disorder, or when an individual has specific symptoms that suggest a genetic condition. One of the most well-known single-gene tests is for BRCA1 (Breast Cancer gene 1).

Is medical genetics in demand? ›

This rapid expansion of knowledge about the genetic and genomic basis of disease is bringing powerful new diagnostic, health management and treatment capabilities to patient care and public health and increasing the demand for medical genetics professionals in clinical and laboratory settings, in academia, government ...

Is there a high demand for geneticist? ›

Demand for Geneticists is expected to go up, with an expected 8,240 new jobs filled by 2029. This represents an annual increase of 2.44 percent over the next few years. Join our career community today!

What medical specialty has a shortage? ›

Surgical specialties' supply threatened

“We are hearing a lot about an increasing shortage in the surgical specialties, particularly vascular surgery and neurosurgery, but also general surgery, urology, and ophthalmology. And these shortages are severe in some rural areas,” Dr. Orlowski said.

How competitive is medical genetics residency? ›

Medical genetics and genomics PGY-1 positions are highly competitive just because only 5 positions available. Other medical genetics residency positions require 2 previous GME years. IMGs have good chances for medical genetics(not PGY-1) with around 30% of matched applicants.

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