What happens if you don't have insurance in Netherlands? (2024)

What happens if you don't have insurance in Netherlands?

The Central Administration Office (CAK) is responsible for verifying that everyone in the Netherlands has health insurance. If you're uninsured, you'll receive warning letters from CAK and a fine. If you remain uninsured, the CAK will take out insurance for you at your expense.

What happens if I don t have health insurance in the Netherlands?

If you do not take out a standard insurance package, the Central Administration Office (CAK) will register you with an insurer and the premium will be withheld from your pay. If you need medical care but are not insured, you must pay the costs yourself.

How long can I stay in the Netherlands without health insurance?

You must take out Dutch health insurance within four months of your permanent residence permit coming into force. Your health insurance policy must be effective from the date your residence permit comes into force.

Is insurance mandatory in Netherlands?

Every person who lives or works in the Netherlands is legally obliged to take out standard health insurance to cover the cost of, for example, consulting a general practitioner, hospital treatment and prescription medication.

Do I need insurance to go to Netherlands?

When you apply for a Schengen visa for the Netherlands you must have health insurance or travel insurance that covers any medical expenses you may incur while in the Schengen area. Find out what the insurance requirements are.

How much is the fine for not having health insurance in the Netherlands?

Have you received a letter stating that you do not have Dutch health insurance? If you do not take out Dutch health insurance within 3 months of the date of this letter, you receive a fine of €496.74.

How much does health insurance cost in Netherlands?

The Cost of Dutch Health Insurance

The average basic Dutch health insurance premium in 2021 is approximately 120 euro per month. Basic health insurance in the Netherlands comes with a standard, obligatory deductible excess of 385 euro (in 2021).

Why is Dutch health insurance so expensive?

According to Bas Knopperts, a health insurance expert at Independer, premiums are rising because total care is becoming much more expensive. Hospitals and healthcare providers also face inflation and higher wage costs, he told RTL Nieuws.

Do Dutch citizens get free healthcare?

The Netherlands has universal healthcare, but the government requires all adults living or working in the Netherlands to have basic insurance. The basic plan will cost € 100-120 out of pocket. If you're employed, your employer will pay a small percentage towards medical coverage as well.

Is healthcare free for tourists in Netherlands?

Not free of charge

Do keep in mind that medical services (both regular and emergency) are not provided free of charge in the Netherlands. We recommend checking your own health insurance and/or travel insurance before you head to our country.

Which insurances are mandatory in the Netherlands?

These are the healthcare insurance, the car insurance, and the home insurance.
  • Healthcare insurance. Everyone residing in the Netherlands is obligated by law to take out healthcare insurance. ...
  • Car Insurance. If you own a car, you must at least take out third party liability insurance for it. ...
  • Home Insurance.

Who pays for health insurance in Netherlands?

The Dutch health insurance system

Healthcare in the Netherlands is funded through taxation: mandatory health insurance fees and taxation of income (pre-specified tax credits). Health insurance in the Netherlands is mandatory if you are here on a long-term stay and is designed to cover the cost of medical care.

Do you need insurance to go to Amsterdam?

It's important to take out appropriate travel insurance for your needs. A GHIC or EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance and you should have both before you travel. An EHIC or GHIC does not cover all health-related costs, for example, medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment and non-urgent treatment.

What can you not bring into the Netherlands?

Restricted or prohibited to import / export
  • Pets. Bringing in pets across the border or import and exporting pets? ...
  • Counterfeit articles. ...
  • Protected animal and plant species. ...
  • Animal products and foodstuffs. ...
  • Plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables (phytosanitary products) ...
  • Weapons and ammunition. ...
  • Medicines. ...
  • Drugs (Opium Act)

Can you travel to Europe without health insurance?

Is travel insurance required for trips to Europe? Buying a travel insurance policy for Europe isn't required, but it is a smart way to financially protect your trip investment and to ensure you have medical coverage while traveling abroad. “Just because it's not required doesn't mean it's not a good idea.

What is basic insurance in Netherlands?

Are you living or working in the Netherlands? In most cases, you are obliged to take out basic health insurance. This insurance plan provides cover for basic healthcare treatments, such as hospitalisation, emergency care and GP visits.

How does health insurance work in Netherlands?

Standard package

The health insurance system in the Netherlands is based on the principle of social solidarity. Together, we all pay the overall cost of health care. Everyone contributes, for example, to the cost of maternity care and geriatric care.

What happens if not insured?

If the case goes to court you could get an unlimited fine and be disqualified from driving. The police also have the power to seize, and in some cases, destroy a vehicle if it's being driven without insurance.

Can I have international health insurance in Netherlands?

For example, if your Dutch insurance or the policy you have in the country where you will be living does not provide enough coverage. You can take out international health insurance with any of a number of commercial parties in the Netherlands or abroad.

Why is the Netherlands healthcare so good?

The philosophy underpinning the Dutch health care system is based on several more or less universal principles: access to care for all, solidarity through medical insurance (which is compulsory for all and available to all) and high-quality health care services.

How do I go to the hospital in the Netherlands?

Healthcare emergencies

Dial 112 for emergency help in the Netherlands. If well enough, you can also travel directly to an accident and emergency department at your nearest hospital. However, it is first recommended to contact your family doctor or your local out-of-hours huisartsenpost for advice.

Is ambulance free in Netherlands?

If your situation warrants it you should seek assistance from a hospital. They are staffed and equipped to deal with emergencies. Emergency services (including transportation by ambulance) are not free and you will be billed for any services rendered to you.

Is hospital free in Netherlands?

Does the Netherlands Have Free Public Healthcare? In short, no, healthcare in the Netherlands is not free. Everyone who lives or works in the country must take out private health insurance.

How much is a doctor visit in Netherlands?

Is healthcare free in the Netherlands?
Healthcare ItemAverage Cost in the Netherlands
One-night hospital stay€146
Emergency room visit€256
Doctor's office visit in normal office hours€47
Doctor's visit outside of normal office hours€92
1 more row

Is blood test covered by insurance in Netherlands?

Diagnostic test inside the GP practice are fully covered by your insurance. If you are referred to a hospital or labaratory for diagnostic blood, ultrasound, x ray, pathologic and microbiological ( for example STD ) tests and medicines, the costs will be at the expense of your own risk ( min.


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